Episode 112

Intentional Accompaniment: How to Share Your Faith Boldy and Fruitfully with Michael Hall


February 14th, 2023

52 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

Ever felt the weight of wanting to share your faith but not knowing where to start? Trust me, I’ve been there. When I first dipped my toes into evangelizing, I stumbled through it, making more than my fair share of blunders. But you know what changed the game for me? Learning to lean on the Holy Spirit and building genuine connections that sparked meaningful conversations about faith.

Now, let’s be real, most of us aren’t born experts at this stuff. That’s why I’m thrilled to bring you an episode featuring someone who truly gets it: Michael Hall. He’s the brains behind the book “Intentional Accompaniment” and serves as the Interim Director of Program Support for Catholic Christian Outreach in Canada (kind of like FOCUS in the US).
Michael walks us through practical tools and techniques for evangelizing in our everyday lives, whether it’s within our parish community or our own families. And the best part? He breaks it down in a way that feels totally doable.

Join us to:

  • Discover how nurturing your relationship with God can naturally lead to authentic faith-sharing.
  • Learn why taking small, intentional steps is the secret sauce to success.
  • Find out how having a mentor to guide you along the way can make all the difference.

If you’ve ever felt hesitant about evangelizing or wondered where to even begin, this episode is tailor-made for you!

Also, check out Michael's book or see more resources from Catholic Christian Outreach.

For more practical advice and experiences from real people sharing their mission with the world, go to https://equip.archomaha.org/podcast/.

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