Episode 142

Phase 1: Assessment – How to Build a Clear Path to Discipleship

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Does your parish’s current list of ministries help your people evangelize? It’s likely the answer is no. Most parish ministries were built during a time where people flocked to church. But the culture has changed, and our ministries need to as well.

So today, I bring you the first episode in the series How to Build a Clear Path to Discipleship. Rachel Gifford, Director of Catechesis & Evangelization at St. Mary’s Parish, highlights her parish's journey through the phase of assessment. She shares how they examined existing programs to identify gaps in reaching newcomers and building up disciples for the work of mission. Challenges included resistance to change and feeling overwhelmed, but the parish found support in prayer, coaching, and revisiting their mission. Despite the difficulties, they saw positive outcomes, with new families registering and a renewed sense of faith in the community.

Here’s what to expect from this episode:
[03:50] The Initial Steps: Vision, Mission, and the Assessment Phase
[07:41] Navigating Challenges and Building Unity Through Assessment
[12:13] The Power of Shared Vision and Language in Transformation
[17:31] Practical Steps and Realizations in the Assessment Phase
[28:59] Detailed Breakdown of the Clear Path Stages
[38:45] Looking Ahead: Next Steps and Advice for Others

For more on the Clear Path, read the book, A Clear Path to Discipleship: How to Make Missionary Disciples in Your Parish

For more practical advice and experiences from real people sharing their mission with the world, go to https://equip.archomaha.org/podcast/.

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