Episode 146

Phase 5: Alignment - How to Build a Clear Path to Discipleship

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What do you do with ministries that existed before the clear path? By the time you see the fruit of changed lives in your parish, it’s likely that you will ask how you can help your non-clear path ministries serve the community’s mission and goal to make disciples.

In this fifth episode of the series How to Build a Clear Path to Discipleship, Nicole Cook and Kristi Preisman from St. Columbkille describe the process of alignment. They began by talking with their ministry leaders to understand roles, strengths, and areas in need of improvement. They determined how each ministry aligned with the overall mission of the parish and identified areas where ministries needed to adjust. Their goal was to ensure that each ministry at St. Columbkille plays a meaningful role in helping people connect with God and take their next steps in their faith journey.

Here’s what to expect from this episode:

[14:49] Challenges and Innovations in Aligning Parish Ministries
[20:49] Exploring the Parish Pathway and Mission Alignment Tool
[21:07] The Role of Volunteers in Parish Ministry Evaluation
[21:43] Understanding and Appreciating Ministry Contributions
[24:47] The Importance of Data in Shaping Parish Decisions

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