Episode 133

How to Engage Outsiders: Strategies for Sharing the Catholic Faith with Mallory Smyth

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About this Episode

How important is it to care about what outsiders think of the Catholic Church? Discover the significance of bridging the gap between the Church and those who may feel distant. In this episode, we dive into Mallory Smythe's remarkable journey back to Catholicism, exploring her encounters with saints, the power of personal narratives, and strategies for engaging outsiders in conversations about faith. Mallory's compelling journey, shared in her book, 'Rekindled,' not only offers a shot in the arm for your faith but also provides a roadmap for engaging with others and fostering a deeper connection with the Church.

As she beautifully puts it, “[Jesus] changed the lives of the disciples, and his last command was to go out to the world and make disciples…and it's the same thing for us. Like God actually calls us to go into the world and to meet people where they are, not compromising our own beliefs. But reach the hand out, and bring them in, in a way that they can understand and accept.”

Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • Strategies for engaging with outsiders and sharing your faith
  • The transformative power of personal narratives in evangelization
  • Insights into Mallory's encounters with saints and their impact on her faith
  • Practical tips for navigating doubt and rediscovering the joy in your Catholic journey

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