Episode 144

Phase 3: Implementation - How to Build a Clear Path to Discipleship

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About this Episode

Now that you have a plan to transform your parish, how do you get started? Implementing the Clear Path to Discipleship can feel daunting when you start to understand the scope of the change that is necessary.

In this third episode of the series How to Build a Clear Path to Discipleship, Jonathan Sanchez-Hidalgo, Director of Evangelization and Discipleship at St. Charles Borromeo shares his experience navigating the complexities of implementing programs within a parish setting. He highlights the importance of community involvement, the need for flexibility and initiative, and the ability to learn from failures.

Here’s what to expect from this episode:

[04:09] Challenges and Triumphs of Implementing the Clear Path
[15:28] Navigating Setbacks and Finding Grace in Delay
[21:17] Learning from Obstacles: A Journey of Adaptation and Growth
[22:04] The Importance of Teamwork and Delegation in Retreat Planning
[25:34] Finding and Cultivating the Right Help for Ministry Initiatives
[28:27] Embracing Failure and Learning in Ministry Development

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