Episode 145

Phase 4: Communication - How to Build a Clear Path to Discipleship

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About this Episode

Once you have a clear path built, how do you communicate it to your parishioners? Often, our parishioners are living in the new reality of the clear path, but they don’t yet see the big picture vision for evangelization.

In this fourth episode of the series How to Build a Clear Path to Discipleship, Jake Olson and Fr. James Keiter from Our Catholic Family describe how they navigated the phase of communication. They talk about leveraging different communication methods, the significance of personal witness and stories, and the need to communicate the clear path repeatedly to ensure understanding and engagement among parishioners.

Here’s what to expect from this episode:

[03:43] The Journey to Communicating a Clear Path
[35:00] The Power of Personal Witness and the Clear Path Mantra
[37:15] Advice for the Communication Phase

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