Episode 148

How to Recognize Sacred Moments: A Conversation with Archbishop Lucas

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Wouldn’t it be nice if God performed some undeniable miracle and every person in the world converted? The reality is…he did. Jesus performed numerous miracles, and people still walked away from him (John 6). So, we must look to the ordinary moments. Moments with coworkers, family members, new acquaintances, and friends that may seem mundane at first, but with an openness and attentiveness to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, they become opportunities to share one’s faith or engaging in conversations about spirituality.

Today, I sit down with Archbishop Lucas to talk about those moments. He emphasizes the Holy Spirit's role in orchestrating these encounters and God's unconditional love for all people, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Tune in to hear about:

[01:12] Archbishop Lucas Shares Personal Experiences of Faith Sharing
[03:10] A Chance Encounter: Witnessing Faith in Unexpected Places
[06:32] Diving into the Story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch
[39:44] The Personal Impact of Faith Sharing and Encouragement for the Easter Season

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