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How to Effectively Share the Gospel of Life With Women

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As we approach the 2nd anniversary of the repeal of Roe v. Wade, the debate about abortion continues to divide us. Have you noticed, maybe even in your own conversations, that traditional pro-life messaging about the baby just isn't hitting home? What if I told you that by understanding the deep emotional and psychological needs of women considering abortion, we could revolutionize our approach and truly help women make life-affirming choices?

Today, I chat with Megan Drapa, a researcher and education specialist for the Vitae Foundation, about what really influences women contemplating abortion. Megan shares that their research dives into the deep emotional drives behind these decisions, challenging what many of us think. She highlights that many women already see abortion as morally significant but feel driven by fear and a need to protect their identity. Our conversation sheds light on why we need more nuanced, compassionate communication to better support women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Tune in to hear about:

  1. Emotional and Identity Factors: The decision-making process around abortion is deeply influenced by women's emotions and sense of identity. Many see carrying to term as a huge personal sacrifice or "death to self," and consider abortion the least harmful option despite knowing its moral implications.
  2. Effective Messaging: How we frame abortion-related messages greatly affects how they're received. For instance, presenting a 15-week ban as a way to give women enough time and information to make an informed choice can gain more support than strictly labeling it as a pro-life measure.
  3. Trust and Support: Building trust and offering support early in women's reproductive lives, before they face an unplanned pregnancy, is essential. Pregnancy centers and healthcare providers need to be seen as trusted resources for women’s health and reproductive needs, avoiding judgmental approaches that can push women away when they most need support.

To see the research, check out the Vitae Research Institute or email Megan Drapa. Also mentioned in this episode: The Happy Girl’s Guide to Being Whole.

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