Episode 152

Sanctify the Ordinary with Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, Chance and Lora Unger

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Have you ever heard the universal call to holiness, “Be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect,” and instead of feeling inspired, felt discouraged? Holiness is hard, especially when we strive for it alone. When we rely solely on our own strengths, we often fail. But when we pursue holiness within the Body of Christ, leaning on both our community and God, we are much more likely to succeed.

In today’s episode, Chance and Lora Unger, founders of Missionaries of the Holy Spirit in the Family, share their insights on making holy practices a regular part of family life. Our conversation highlights the transformative power of continually surrendering to God and incorporating prayer into our daily routines. The Ungers emphasize the importance of a supportive community to foster holiness in our marriages and families. They show us how holiness can begin with simple, practical steps such as daily prayer and small acts of kindness. They encourage us to embrace our daily challenges and transform these experiences through grace and prayer.

Tune in and hear:

  • How to embrace and surrender to God's will in daily life
  • How to integrate prayer and spirituality into family routines
  • How to find strength and grace in times of personal and family challenges
  • How to seek and maintain authentic friendships that encourage spiritual growth
  • How to support a spouse in their faith journey
  • How to create a new normal of holiness and faithfulness in family life
  • How to transform ordinary experiences into opportunities for grace and spiritual development

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