Episode 153

The Clear Path to Discipleship in a Rural Context

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Did you know that on average, there’s only one priest for every 2,000 parishioners in our archdiocese? With such a large group to guide, you might wonder how it could be possible for parish leaders to help their people grow in discipleship and move towards sainthood. The Clear Path framework is key to success, but the challenge is greater in our rural communities where a single pastor often handles several parishes.

To gain insight on these issues, I sit down with Jake Olson, the evangelization coordinator for Our Catholic Family, a group of parishes in the Northeast corner of Nebraska. Jake describes the clear path as a bowling alley where our ultimate goal (heaven) is like bowling a strike, and the clear path consists of bumpers that keep us aligned towards this goal.
Tune in to hear Jake’s practical advice and heartfelt experiences. He shows us how small actions and genuine connections can lead to profound spiritual growth and community transformation. Whether you’re in a bustling city or a quiet rural town, these timeless principles of evangelization are universally applicable.

Episode Highlights:

  • Relational Evangelization: Learn the art of building authentic friendships and introducing Jesus into existing relationships.
  • The Clear Path: Discover the three-phase strategy tailored for rural communities to guide individuals towards discipleship and sainthood.
  • **Jake's Journey: **Be inspired by Jake Olson’s personal faith story and his impactful transition from college ministry to serving eight parishes across Cedar and Knox counties.

Check out Our Catholic Family. And for more practical advice and experiences from real people sharing their mission with the world, go to https://equip.archomaha.org/podcast/.

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