Coach's Corner 6: How the Mass and the Eucharist Can Help You Evangelize


August 29th, 2023

9 mins 23 secs

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Why is sharing the source and summit of our faith rarely the first step to take when evangelizing? I want others to know and love Jesus. I know and love Jesus in the Eucharist, so why shouldn’t I jump straight to inviting non-believers to mass or adoration? While the Eucharist isn’t our opening act, we should by no means forget it entirely. The Eucharist is our headliner!

On today’s Coach’s Corner, I make the case that the Eucharist is in fact missional. It is missional because it is the source of our life, because we are sent on mission from Eucharistic communities, and because the mass itself commissions us to, “Go out and proclaim the gospel with your lives!”

Join me to hear:

  • 1 way the Mass CANNOT help you evangelize.
  • 3 ways the Eucharist CAN help you evangelize.
  • How the Road to Emmaus reinforces the need for Mass and the Eucharist when evangelizing.
  • How to live the missionary character of the Eucharist.

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