Episode 122

Why Small Groups for Men are so Powerful in the Catholic Church


August 22nd, 2023

44 mins 11 secs

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About this Episode

We are all called to evangelize, but have you ever felt limited, feeling like you don’t have much to give? Perhaps you only have 1-2 free hours a week. Or you are only around “hard cases”, people who seem unlikely to want to talk about faith. Perhaps, you feel like your only sphere of influence is your own parish. But those people don’t need evangelizing…do they?

This week, I talk to Greg Doring, a personal friend who used small groups as a tool to reach other men. In this episode, we’ll discuss how to evangelize wherever the Lord plants you and how miraculous things can happen even when you only have a few hours to give.

In this episode, Greg talks about how:

  • his investment in the lives of a few men has overflowed to his children.
  • he intentionally invited men who were very unlikely to want to be in a small group.
  • he only had two hours a week to give, but the Lord used that to bless this group.
  • men came back to confession and fell in love with the Lord in adoration.
  • micro resolutions were powerful for his small group.
  • we can face the fear of failure and step out, taking a risk, to share our faith.

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